What is guest blogging? SEO benefits of guest blogging

What is guest blogging? SEO benefits of guest blogging

Guest blogging is certainly a buzzword today. There are plenty of SEO benefits of guest blogging. And we have tried to cover those benefits in a nutshell.

“Guest Blogging” is a term with a self-explanatory meaning, your contribution of blogs to a website which would not be yours is what Guest blogging means in simple words.

You can write for many companies, and you can earn too with many guest posts, there are many websites which pay you for your guest posts.

If you are into writing blogs, you will come across many websites looking out for guest blogs to explore people and their views and ideas, they always have a feature of guest blogs, whereas some pay you and some don’t.

If you are a beginner then you will find many not offering you money but loads of experience you should take it up as you are a beginner you will have to have experience and unpaid guest posts usually get selected often with not much of filtration so you will get exposure too and be featured easily.

Once you have experience and you are confident in your blog posts don’t settle for unpaid guest posts. get your hands on the paid ones. It is not necessary you have the experience, but as they say with experience you will always get better, and starting from the least will help you grow.

SEO benefits of Guest Blogging

Guest blogs can provide you a lot of exposure. Your posts with your names on it will give you more chances. For example, if you have written a guest post for a top magazine then you can get noticed by another top magazine, who offers a good amount of money for writing as a guest on their platform.

At times, your guest posts could give that company a lot of attention through your content they could hire you permanently too.

This attention is not just limited to other companies’ websites approaching you but if you have your own blog then you can attract traffic to your own blog or business.

Guest blogging and SEO

With good SEO service, your blog post can reach millions of viewers, it has the capability of many people noticing your post. If your post is SEO friendly there are a lot of chances of your page being at the top and also can get selected by the website quickly.
SEO friendly posts are filled with benefits so that is why it is a bit difficult but it is worth it.
Once you get many viewers on that guest blog of a really good magazine or website then there are a lot of chances of your individual growth either of your blog or your business online. Here are some SEO benefits of guest blogging

• Establish Domain Authority
• Builds Backlinks
• Improves organic traffic
• Increases Brand Visibility
• Improves your Brand reputation

How does guest blogging help expand your network?

With organic traffic on your post you get noticed by viewers, your viewers could be a layman or someone important. You can get noticed by other established writers or other people from other fields making it easier for you to socialize and make a network with other important people around you.

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