What are Google SEO rules 2020?

What are Google SEO rules 2020?

It is all about Google SEO rules.

All you web page developers and writers would want your page to found at the top or to be found by the viewers in the first page of Google. How do we achieve this? What are the basic SEO rules and guides one must follow to attain that position?

Today’s article we will discuss on what are rules of SEO with respect to Google.

1. Minimal Google SEO Rules With Respect To Keywords

Too much keywords will turn into not much help, yes if you over use your keywords that will not mean you will be noticed first. Use minimal but use them in the best possible way to be seen and heard. Google doesn’t work that way no more, if you use excessive keywords then you will end up redirecting your content in the wrong place and Google will not really find you.

2. Avoid Crowded Keywords

Don’t go behind the most used to or too crowded keywords, your content will be again one of the normal contents with most used keywords, try to use something different than usual. If you use the overcrowded keywords you will be one of the same as other 10,000 pages.

3. Unique Content

Unique content is the key, always try writing something different information that is usually not found on the top web pages, for this you have to do a lot of good research and come up with things that are going to be useful to your viewers. Finding the same content on one and more pages will never let your viewer come to your page. If you have unique and well written content of a frequently used topic on the internet you can shine bright and this will most definitely help you attract the traffic.

4. Quality Links

For any web page by now you must have realized that the links you add on are the most important in attracting traffic and being at the first page of Google. For this do not use low quality links, some may even do the mistake of linking for the sake of it which will affect you and will never get you on top. So, take your links seriously and link up things you find are important, and that are relevant to your content and also the ones which have been on the top list for a while now, this way Google will see you through and shower rewards on your page.

5. Keep your Content Updated

Keep updating your page, with each minute passing something or the other keeps changing either your information or your dates and symbols and more. There is always going to be a difference on what you write now and what it will be tomorrow, but the information may be asked all the time. Keep an eye on all your contents which needs updating and do the same. This way when you stay up to date, you page will be seen through all the time by Google.

6. Unique Meta Description

While most of us are unaware, Meta Description is very important in SEO. Google crawls those sites with unique meta description rather than those with duplicate meta description. This is one most important rule you should keep in mind.

These are some very basic yet important rules that one must follow when it comes to SEO with respect to Google.

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