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1. Instagram Marketing-Introduction

This tutorial has been designed to bring out the importance of this social media platform. Instagram can be used as a successful digital marketing tool for brand promotion. This tutorial provides details on how to effectively use this medium to make sure and share your stories digitally and reach the desired audience, resulting in higher sales and better user engagement.

  • What is Instagram?

Instagram is an online photo sharing social web service that lets you share your life and experience with friends and others through a series of pictures captured with a mobile device or any other camera. Instagram also support video uploads and lets the users instantly share photos on several social sites.

Instagram was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in
October,2010. It’s success caught the eye of most valuable social networks in the world. In April, 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram for $300 million in cash and 23 million shares of stock, a total purchase value of nearly $1 billion.

Instagram’s social intrigue was not simply to influence the existing social networks for sharing, but to build its own, supplemental network. This was a vital choice. The value of a network is fundamentally in it’s connections. Through Instagram you can not only connect and share with your friends, but also can increase your professional network.
Instagram can be used as a marketing strategy to market your brand.

Instagram For Marketing Pdf


Using Instagram for Marketing

Once you are familiar with Instagram as an application, and its best practices for organizational and personal use, it’s time to delve deeper into its uses for your organization as a marketing tool. Instagram is widely used for marketing, storytelling, and engagement through mobile and web technologies. Instagram potential as a marketing tool for organizational use is largely based on the mobile-friendly nature of the application and the highly engaged community Instagram boasts as a network. Although users may access their Instagram feed via the web, the majority of the application’s users carry their Instagram feed in their pockets or purses, using the mobile application only.

The mobile nature of Instagram provides your organization with the opportunity to get noticed on the go, while your audience is carrying your content around with them during their everyday routines! In one moment, a photo can evoke various opinions,
emotions and calls to action.

Why Instagram?

The Instagram Community is Active

140 million of Instagram 200 million users check their Instagram feeds daily, and 70 million are actively checking their feeds multiple times per day KISS metrics March, 2014). What does this mean for your organization’s Instagram account?

It means that the majority of the Instagram community is seeking out content to consume. By actively posting meaningful content, users will be happy to engage with your organization! The 140 million daily active users are seeking out photos and videos to engage with during the spare few minutes they may have between their daily routines.

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