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Canva for Enterprise Reviews 2020: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

• Canva makes design amazingly simple (and fun)! Create stunning designs with your photos and videos—even if you’re not a design expert!

• Canva is a web based design app made with the aim to make graphic designing easier for people. While Canva does seem to deliver on that, its interface can seem clunky to some.

• Businesses using Canva Pro will have a need for professional designers to set up their Brand Kit and create custom templates for their business.

• You need to be careful when using Canva’s pre-made logo templates, as they are created by Canva designers and are accessible to everyone with a Canva account, which means that literary anyone can use them for their own business. As a consequence, your logo won’t be unique!

• Canva is a free graphic design program that function like an expensive program. It can be used to create nearly any marketing collateral, including watermarks.

Corel – 1



A person who was good at performing numerical calculations was called a human computer much before computers came into being. The use of mechanical calculating devices made his task less demanding. The use of punched paper cards to run jacquard
looms came up around 1800. The development of transistors followed by microprocessors based on integrated circuits led to the size of the computers becoming smaller and its price also came down.

Designing with computers is called computer aided designing (CAD) and textile designing with computers is called computer aided textile designing (CATD).

Designing with computers offers so many advantages that engineers, technologists, professionals and so many others make use of them in their everyday work. Some of the major advantages are:

• We can save a lot of time and labor.

• We can make designs with very great accuracy.

• We can make a number of color combinations of one design in a very short-time period.

• We can make very complicated designs with different texture and color effect very easily.

Important Graphics Programs

Some of the important graphics programs, which are used by designers, are given below:

• CorelDraw
• Corel Photo-paint
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Illustrator
• Macromedia Freehand
• Macromedia Fireworks
• L-View
• U-Lead

Window components

The various window components in CorelDraw are:
• Title bar
• Menu bar
• Property bar
• Tool bar (Standard)
• Tool box
• Rulers
• Drawing page
• Drawing window
• Color palette
• Docker
• Status bar
• Document navigator
• Navigator

Corel – 2


Corel DRAW: The Basics Overview

There are many computer applications that you can use to drive a laser cutter. Corel DRAW is the most versatile and mastery of it will allow you to achieve the outstanding results from your laser system. Corel DRAW is a very powerful professional vector graphics package usually sold with other Corel products such as Corel TRACE and Corel PHOTO-PAINT. Some features will be familiar to those provided in similar applications such as Adobe Illustrator. Corel DRAW supports Windows shortcuts and is both configured with its own additional shortcuts and can be customised to have additional shortcuts added. It has a vast array of import and export filters to allow you to work successfully with the majority of other applications you will encounter. Another advantage to be gained from using Corel DRAW is that it can be used to great benefit for a multitude of other tasks Teachers encounter in their day to day work. This manual for example has been produced in Corel DRAW.

Learning how Corel DRAW treats the various objects you create and import is an essential element of your training. A glossary of Corel DRAW terminology is provided with this material and you can find further explanations in the Help screens.

To begin this tutorial, let’s take a look around the workspace. Corel DRAW has gone through many updates over the years and earlier versions will have some of the features located in different places to those described in this manual, however since Version 9 most of these have been standardised.

Creating A Poster in PowerPoint 2010


Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013


Microsoft PowerPoint is a robust application that allows you to combine text, graphics, and predesigned backgrounds to create professional presentations. The following is an illustration in how
to launch PowerPoint for the first time user.

Feature Terms and Descriptions

• Quick Access Toolbar – Displays quick access to commonly used commands.

• Title Bar – Displays the name of the open file.

• File Tab – The File tab has replaced the Office 2007 button. It helps you to manage the Microsoft application and provides access to options such as Open, New, Save As, Print, etc.

• Thumbnail Slide – Displays a snapshot of each slide.

• Title Placeholder – Section where text is entered.

• Subtitle Placeholder – Section where text and/or graphics are entered.

• Status Bar – Displays information about the slide presentation, such as page numbers.

• Ribbon – Displays groups of related commands within tabs. Each tab provides buttons for commands.

• Collapse – Collapses the ribbon so only the tab names show.

• Work Area – Each slide has an area where text and graphics are entered for a presentation. There are various slide layouts to work from.

• View Option – Displays several View modes for slides.

Microsoft Word

MS word

Introduction to Word

Word is the Word processing components to the Microsoft Office suite. Word 2013 is a Word processing application that allows you to create a variety of documents like letters, flyers, and reports. With the introduction of several enhanced features- including the ability to create and collaborate on documents online- Word 2013 gives you the ability to do more with your Word processing projects. This section of the book includes an introduction to the Word 2013 interface, and covers the various aspects of creating, formatting, editing, saving, and printing a document in Word 2013.

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