Blogging Your Way To Bank

How To Create A Blog

How To Write And Publish A Blog

Make Money Through Blogging


1. The basic of blogging
In this we provide you the all basic information about the blogging means what is blog? What is blogging? How to create blog? How to add template in it? Etc.

2. Daily Tips/ Updates
In this section we are providing the latest information of Blogging. Daily updates related to blogging and also some quotations and answer to clear your all doubts.

3. Settings
In this session we given the all-important setting that one blogger have to do.

4. Domain name
In this we are given the information about the domain name actually there are many confusion about domain name in beginners mind we cover all the points and by reading this article you definitely understand what is domain? How to buy it? And
what is .com, .in, .UK etc.

5. Blog on Google
In this part we cover all information about the Google search console. How it work? How to create account in it and why it is necessary?

6. Google Analytics
In this we provide all information about the Google analytics what is google Analytics? What is advantages of it? And how to create account?

7. Backlinks
Backlinks is also important topic in blogging. So, what is backlinks actually? This is very confusion topic for the beginners. Also, what are Do-follow backlinks? And what No-follow backlinks? This topic are covered in this session.

8. Increase Traffic
It is important part we have cover. Actually, what happen when we create blog newly there is very less traffic in our blog. Due to this many blogger demotivate and left from blogging. So, don’t warry we give the best way in this article that how to increase your blog traffic.

9. Make Money
In make money we give the information of the different ways of earning. Means what are the different ways to earn from blogging. Due to this you earn more.

10. AdSense Approval tips
When we create blog after creating some post on if we try our best to get AdSense Approval quickly but many times our AdSense is not approve so in this article, we provide you the information about the AdSense why AdSense get disapprove? Why we not get AdSense Approval? And give the solutions, tips, trick by using this tips and tricks you get the AdSense Approval and you earn money from it.

What is Blogging?

  • What is Blog?

When we write our knowledge, ideas, and experience regularly as a website, it is called a blog. Through the blog you can freely write your thoughts and experience. Blog you can create on any topic. You can make your own blog related to the area you are interested in. for example, if your doctor, you may create a blog on health. If you have mastered cooking good then you can make a blog on cooking. If you are a beautician, you can create your own blog and share your beauty tips with people. That is to say, you can create your own blog on any topic and earn money online from the internet. By creating a blog where you can share your knowledge, thoughts and experience with people on one hand, by creating a blog, you can also earn money online from the internet sitting at home. Age does not matter for this.

  • People usually have two objectives of blogging

1. Sharing your knowledge, thoughts and experience for free.
2. Make money from your knowledge, thoughts and experiences. You can have any of these objectives. Overall, we can say that whatever our purpose is, blogging is to work on it.

  • Advantage of Blogging

1. The biggest advantage of blogging is that you can do this work sitting at home. You do not need to go anywhere for this.
2. If you do blogging, then there will be no pressure on you. Usually, when we do a job, somewhere in it we are under pressure. Not so in blogging.
3. You can earn as much money as you want from blogging. Many people are earning millions of rupees a month from blogging, but for this you will have to work hard. Earning lakhs, a month from blogging is not impossible.
4. You do not even need much investment for this. You can even start this work for free.
5. There is no risk in doing this work. There is no risk of sinking your money in it. Meaning in this work, there is no gain, no loss at all.

Create Blog

– Step1. To create a free Blogspot, first you have to search by writing in your browser. When you come to the homepage of, then login with your Gmail account there.

– Step2. Here you login by giving your Gmail Id and Password. If you are already logged into Google, then should not ask you to login.

– Step3. A new popup window will open in your browser, where you have to enter the details of your new blog.

Title: Here is the name of your blog. Address: here you have to give a unique name, which no one has given before.

– Step4. After all the fill-up click on the button create blog.
Now your blog is ready whatever name you might have given in the address field, that is the address of your blog, like I have given ******* free blog always comes with a sub-domain and that is a see, making a blog is very easy.

Now this type of interface comes in front of you. Now your blog is ready.

  • Write SEO friendly Article

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. With the help of SEO, you can bring a lot of traffic to your website and SEO friendly post means that the article will be linked by the user. And if the user liked it, then you can bring your post to the first page in Google Search, so let’s know how to write SEO friendly article in blog.

1) Title of Blog
The most important thing for SEO is post title and post title must be your focus keyword. If the title of your post is good then 40% of your SEO is complete. How to make title user friendly?

• Use Focus keyword in your title

• Your title should be such that the user should understand what you have written in the post as you read.

• You must use years in numbers in title.

• Do not repeat a word again while writing the title.

2) Content post
Content is king you must have heard this. The better you get the content, the better your SEO will be. You should always write content for the user and darken the points of importance in the article.

3) Write Big/ long Articles
You should always write long article because Google likes long article more because it contains more information and it is very important for the user.

• If you write an article in Hindi, then write at least 1000-2500 words.

• If you write an article in English, then write at least 2000-2500 words.

If you write a long article then it has many benefits like:

• You can add more keywords in the long article.

• You can place more ads in the long article

Due to the long article, the user will have more time to read and this will reduce your bounce rate.

4) Image Alt Tag
All browser uses image in their blog post because traffic can be bought to the website with the help of image, but you have to enter the name of the image in the Alt Tag of the image, what is your image about.

5) Keywords
Most of the blogger is not aware of what the keyword is and what its use is and how important it is for the post. What you search in google is called keyword, like if you search about what is keyword then it is your keyword.

Keyword is of two types:
1. Long Tail Keyword
2. Short Tail Keyword

6) Write Articles in Short Paragraph
You should write your article in short paragraph because a lot of users do not like to read long paragraph. Most of visit to website comes from mobile itself and there is difficulty in reading
long article on mobile. A short paragraph means you write a paragraph of 3-4 sentence

7) Meta Description of Blog
When you search for the post in search engine, then you will see some words below the title of the post. That is the meta Description of the blog. This Description should be 100-150 words. Any post can also show with the help of meta Description in search engine. It occurs if you can use the keyword you used
in the heading or subheading in the description of the blog, then you can add it. You can also tell the Google or User by the meta description that you have written on the topic from the cone in the post.

8) Use Multimedia
Multimedia means that you use image, screenshot, video, Gif, Infographic in your post and this will make the user easier to understand.

9) Share Your Post on Social Media
After publishing all bloggers posts, they share on social media and post must be shared on social media and Sharing the post on social means that you are doing Off page SEO of your post and secondly, Google considers social signal to be very important, so post must be shared on social media.

10) Add Internal Links
Internals link means that you can add a link of another post of your website in your post and this consider SEO and your Bounce Rate from Internal link will also be lower. In Internal link, you add the link of the same post which is related to the topic of your

  • Create Blog

How to change Template –
Go to Theme section

Let us tell you first that whatever you have to make changes in the design of your websites, then you have to go to the themes options and when you add a facility (Widget) to your website, then you will be on the situation of layout have to go. Now because we have to change the theme, we will visit the options of theme. This option is available on the left sidebar on your dashboard as you can see in the image below.

— Backup/ Restore
After going to the themes sections, there is preview show of previous template uploaded on your blog in front of you, in which you have preview show of Desktop/ Mobile and you can understand how your websites is shown on two platforms.

Now because we have to install a new theme, you will go to the option of Backup/Restore and click above.

After clicking, a popup box resembling the image given below will open on your screen and in this box you get some options.
Now let’s talk about installing the new theme, on this popup box you get an option of choose file on which you can install the save theme on your computer by clicking.

After clicking on choose file, you will find many files in which you have to select the XML file and click button of open, so that the theme is selected on your blogger blog and you upload just below click on the button, so that the theme is uploaded to your blogger blog.

Theme will be uploaded
Now a new theme has been uploaded to your Blogger blog and you can see the preview of that theme, as well as you open your blog in the new tab, then you will see that look of your blog has changed completely.
When you add responsive template to your Blogger Blog, then you have to make some changes on the mobile section of that template so that your Theme/ Blog also shows better on mobile phones. To make the theme mobile friendly, you have to follow the steps given below-

Step 01- Go to preview section

You get the preview section on the option of themes and you see preview like the image above in which you get the two boxes first- (Live on Blog) which shows Desktop /Laptop preview version and second-(Mobile) which key mobile preview show.

Step 02- Click on settings

Now because you have to set your theme for mobile, you have to click on the icon of the settings given below preview. With which a new popup window opens on your screen and only with this popup window you can make your theme mobile friendly.

Step 03- Select no show Desktop Theme on mobile option

On this popup box you get two options- yes show desktop theme on mobile option no show desktop theme on mobile option you have to click on the option of no show desktop theme on mobile option, so that your theme is designed according to the design on mobile.

  • Create pages

— Important pages
You can create pages that you want. But in this article, we discuss 3 pages that is very important for blog. This 3 pages you have to create compulsory.

1. About us
2. Contact us
3. Privacy Policy

o About us
In above us page you have to write:
Write who you are?
What is the purpose of the page?
What types of information is available on the blog?
What is your goal?
Which information available on blog?

o Contact us

In contact us page you have to give your contact information from that user can easily contact you.
Example- you have to give your Email id, Phone number that you want
Above you can create Google Form in your contact us page by which users can easily message you.

o Privacy Policy
Online privacy is very important for your website/ blog visitors, every blogger understand this very well. Through the privacy policy page, we, as a blogger, tell our visitors, what information we take from them and keep secure. This privacy policy applies to all visitors who visit your page. Whether it is a Subscriber of our website or new visitors. Through this page, we assume our every visitor that every information that they have given in safe and also with privacy.

  • Settings

You have to do settings of your blog as it as shown in the following images:

1) Basics
In basics you have to write your blog Description that is very important to rank your website on google in below image we have given example of the one site that how you have to write description.
And below the description you have to do all settings as it is shown in below image.

2) Post, Comments and shearing
How many posts you have to show on the homepage is down here and other settings you have to do as it is.

3) Sharing Preference
You have to sharing preference settings as it is as shown below image.

Do all this 3 important settings as it is. By doing this your blog definitely rank on Google.

Blogging Apps

Best Apps to do Blogging on Mobile

If you are creating blog on mobile then is difficult to do blogging. So far this Is you can take the help of this 7App. By using this 7App you can do Blogging easily on the mobile. If you have no laptop/desktop then It is difficult to do blogging. But we suggest you to use the best app with the help of this app you can do blogging easily.

1). Blogger or WordPress

If you start your Blog on then Blogger is the official app from Google to publish your article. Write your article or many things you can do with that APK, but you can’t customize your blog through this app. And if you have to start blog on Wordpress then download the Wordpress app.

2). Writer
Writer application, we know the most facing problem on is to write articles, so that this APK can help. You to properly write articles like on Wordpress, the interesting think of this app is you can add #headings, #Sub-headings by just using #.

3). Grammarly Keyboard
We know that we created lot’s of grammar mistake while writings our articles, so that this keyword can help you to correct all the grammar mistakes. Grammarly keyboard.

4). Google keep
This is the note related APK, All you know that a google product means it gives its level services to you, this a very important app for every bloggers, we always try to do something new, and this app can help you to remember all the ideas you noted at the past, so that if you forget your idea.

5). Google Analytics
You get all information in detail of your blog traffic by using Google Analytics app. Google Analytics is an essential tool that allows you to glean insights into your reader’s habits and activity while on your site. There is some backend configuration that must be done on your blog before analytics will function, however, both Wordpress and Blogger make it very easy to set up.

7). Google Translate
You can translate text, handwriting, photos and speech in over 100 languages with the Google Translate app. You can also use translate on the web.

  • Make money

Make money ways to earn from blogging but we only give the best 4ways to earn money from blogging. Because this 4 ways is the best ways to earn best.

1). From Adsense
Google Adsense is the most popular way to make money. This is an advertisement placement service from google. This ad service is mostly made for webmaster like us who can place these ads on their websites/ blog and you earn money when a visitor clicks on these ads.

2). Affiliate Marketing
I want to explain affiliate marketing by giving an example. Suppose you want to buy a house. You contact a property dealer and he shows you a lot of houses. Now when you buy a house, that broker gets commission. The same is true of affiliate
marketing. Just in this you refer a product online and if someone buys that product through your websites then you get some commission. This is the most popular way to make money online.

3). E-Book Selling
If you get e-books on your blog, then you can earn good money from this too. For this, your blog should be popular, then you can increase or decrease the money of your e-book accordingly. For example, if you keep the price of your e-book at $15 and if 10 e-books are sold in a whole month, then accordingly you will earn 150 dollars only from the e-book. But for this you have to get compete information about e-book, how to write e-book, how to put images, if the traffic on your site is good then you can earn good money from e-book.

4). Sponsored Post
Earned from a blog sponsored post i.e. there are a lot of sites that ask you to write a sponsored post to promote his/her product. You promote their product in your post and get up to $100 for an article. That means if you also get 10 sponsored posts a month, you can earn up to $1000 from here. By the way, you get a sponsored post only when there are millions of traffic on your site. Even if the traffic is low, you get a sponsored post, but get very little.