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  • CRO- Introduction

    What is Conversion Rate Optimization?Conversation Rate Optimization, also commonly referred as CRO in short, is basically the exercise of increasing sales and prospective leads from any website. The added advantage is that it can be done without increasing the percentage of website visitors. By improving or by optimizing the website conversion rate, there is a scope to get more visitors for added activity on the website. CRO helps in attracting more activity to your home page or website without extra expenditure. This is an introductory tutorial that covers the fundamentals of conversion rate optimization and how to deal with its various components and sub-components.

  • Audience

    This tutorial is prepared for those professionals who aspire to learn the fundamentals as well as the refinements of CRO and implement it in practice. Conversion rate optimization is a system, which helps in increasing the percentage or the number of visitors on a website that further get converted into buyers/customers. In simpler terms, to make them take any desired action on that particular web page. This tutorial is proposed to make you comfortable in getting started with the basics of conversion and its other functions.

  • Prerequisites

    It is a fundamental tutorial for the beginners and they can easily understand the concepts explained here with basic knowledge of how a company or website deals with its conversion rate and how to further optimize it. However, it will help the learners, if they have some prior exposure to website handling along with some knowledge on conducting surveys and other marketing and strategy techniques.

2. CRO- Definition

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a process of analyzing the data, statistics and website insights to improve the performance. Simply stating, it is increasing the percentage of converted on your website.
You need to figure out the potential in your website. Search for what users are looking for and how you can fulfill their need to the fullest.

▪ Importance of Conversion Rate Optimization

There are many reasons why CRO should be your top priority. Some of them are explained here-

  • Free Customers- It draws your customers free of cost. You don’t need to spend so much advertising like AdWords. Cost per click is rising with a steep rise in the cutthroat competition in every area. Marketing channels like AdWords sway away your budget quickly.

  • Winner Take it all- To complete with your customer, you don’t need to strive hard. You only need to perform better than them. Conversion rate optimization lets you understand your brighter side.

  • Assist you Financially- An increase in conversion rate adds up to 10% increment in profit and that too without any extra spending.

  • No Scope of Loss- Conversion rate optimization gives you no loss. You can try it without hassles.

  • Robust Business- With CRO you can spend more on other marketing channels. This makes your business stand out. It helps you get ahead in competition.

  • Customers’ Short Attention Span- With rising social media, the number of page views increase, but simultaneously the consumer have a short attention span that did not prevail earlier. Now when you have listed yourself, you need to differentiate to stand out. For this, you need through conversion rate optimization to make customers place attention on your product

  • Customer Ease- CRO helps you legitimize and streamline your business. It craves a clear path from the landing page to the buy button. A customer expects a purchase in a single click and easy access. It actually improves the layout of your marketing store or what-so-ever you are into. CRO reduces friction and customers anxiety.

  • Immediate Results- It gives you immediate results unlike search engines. You can see a higher rate of conversion. It gets your ball rolling for a long term. The only thing required here is consistency.

3. CRO- Basics

When it comes to tracking conversion, several things need to be kept in mind. Let’s elaborate it with an example. You operate a business of selling upholstery. A customer comes to you to check for the products. The shopkeeper behaves gently and he finds the product quality good as well as the price. Still the customer feels the urge to surf the market to avail more options. The customer visits you time again without purchase.

In such case, the shopkeeper or the quality or its price could not be said
responsible for no conversion. We cannot predict customer behavior. However, we need to keep in mind to choose a unique customer when it comes to conversion optimization. Keep in mind, the primary aspect should be ‘consistency’.

Conversion rate optimization is not a method of chance or luck. It is a process of diagnosis, hypothesis and testing.

Put yourself into the customer’s cloak and look at your website minutely. Point out those issues that hinders a conversion. This is where you need to work on.


• Call-to-action
• Graphics
• Usability
• Security of payment gateway, etc.
• Customer’s feedback, etc.

▪ Components of CRO

There are basically four components of CRO.

• Message- What message your platform is typing to convey should be
relevant in terms of context. Your content, style option, color schemes
should be appealing, informative and meaningful.

• Usability- You need to make sure a customer converts without any hassle.
Accomplishing goals should be easy and just have to be few clicks away.
The layout, links and buttons be tap-friendly and enabled.

• Flow- The path to accomplish goal should be easy to traverse. There should be flow in navigation and checkouts.

• Context- It is about providing your customer a tailored experience. Like
their geography, language, history of purchases, their device, operating
systems, etc. you can offer promotions on the basics of it.

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