Unit 16: Page Setup

There may be times when you want to print a workbook to view and share your data offline. Once you’ve chosen your page layout settings, it’s easy to preview and print a workbook from Excel
using the Print pane.

Often you may come up with a situation where you need to print the excel sheet which you have with yourself, containing some important data that needed to be shared as a hard copy. In such cases, you will be strongly in need of page setup. It becomes easy for you to print the pages once you are well aware of how you can do the same under Microsoft Excel. There are several operations involved under page setup like:

  • Setting margins for top, bottom, left and right.

  • Adding header or footer to the excel sheet you are going to print.

  • Page views: Portrait, landscape or custom.

  • Setting printing area etc.

Basic page setup can be done using Excel’s View tab, present under the top ribbon.

Click on View tab under Excel ribbon which is placed at the top of your sheet. You’ll see multiple operations under two options: “Workbook Views” and “Show”. Under Workbook views, you have different view types: Normal view, Page Break Preview, Page Layout, Custom Views.

We often come up with a situation where the columns from your printing page are occupying the entire page and still have one column, not fitting into the page and it goes to the next printing page for that document. In order to tackle this issue, we can use the margins button/options present under the Page Layout tab in Excel.

UNIT 16 – Page Setup

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