Unit 14: Number Formatting

To enter a fractional value into a cell, leave a space between the whole number and the fraction. For example, to enter 6 7/8, enter 6 7/8 and then press enter. When you select, 6.875 appears in the formula bar, and the cell entry appears as a fraction. If you have a fraction only (for example, 1/8), you must enter a zero first, like this – 0 1/8 – or excel will likely assume that you’re entering a date. When you select the cell and look at the formula bar, you see 0.125. in the cell, you see 1/8.

Using a form for data entry

Many people use excel to manage lists in which the information is arranged in rows. Excel offers a simple way to work with this type of data through the use of a data entry form that Excel form that Excel can create automatically. This data form works with either a normal range of data, or with a range that been designated as a table. Unfortunately, the command to access the data form is not on the ribbon. To use the data form, you must add it to your Quick Access Toolbar or add It to the ribbon. The following instructions describe how to add this command to your Quick Access Toolbar.

  1. Right-click the Quick Access Toolbar and choose customize Quick Access Toolbar. The Quick Access Toolbar panel of the Excel options dialog box appears.

  2. . In the choose commands from drop-down list, choose commands not in the ribbon.

  3. In the list box on the left, select form.

  4. Click the add button to add the selected command to your Quick Access Toolbar.

  5. Click OK to close the Excel options dialog box.

After performing these steps, a new icon appears on your Quick Access Toolbar. To use a data entry form, follow these steps:

  1. Arrange your data so that excel can recognize it as a table by entering headings for the columns in the first row of your data entry range.

  2. Select any cell in the table and click the form button on your Quick Access Toolbar. Excel displays a dialog box customized to your data.

  3.  Fill in the information. Press tab to move between the text boxes. If a cell contains a formula, the formula result appears as text (not as an edit box). In other words, you can’t modify formulas using the data entry form.

  4. When you complex the data form, click the new button. Excel enters the data into a row in the worksheet and clears the dialog box for the next row of data.

UNIT 14 – Number Formatting

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