Unit 5: Formulas And Functions

A formula consists of special code entered into a cell. It performs a calculation of some type and returns a result, which is displayed in the cell. Formula use a variety of operators and worksheets functions to work with values and text. The values and text used in formulas can be located in other cells, which makes changing data easy and gives worksheets their dynamic nature. For example, you can see multiple scenarios quickly by changing the data in worksheet and getting your formulas do the work. A formula consists of any of these elements:

→ mathematical operators, such as + for addition and * for multiplication

→ cell reference – including named cells and ranges

→ values or text

Excel Basic Formulas 1

Excel Basic Formulas 2

Understanding operator precedence in formulas:

When excel calculates the value of a formula, it uses rules to determine the order in which the various parts of the formula are calculated. You need to understand these rules so your formulas produce accurate results. The highest precedence and logical comparisons have the lowest precedence.


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