Unit 4: Editing In A Workbook

While editing a cell entry, you can edit the text either in the formula bar or in the cell itself.

→ Editing cell entry in the formula bar, do this:

  1.  Select the cell containing the data you want to edit.

  2. Move the insertion point into the text in the formula bar. Position the pointer in the text you want to edit, and then click. A flashing insertion point indicates where typing and editing take place.

  3. Edit the cell entry or type new text.

→ Editing directly in a cell, do this:

  1. Double-click the selected cell or press F2 key.

  2. Press the arrow keys to move the I-beam that marks the insertion point to where you want to edit. Make a desired change to the cell entry.

  3. Press enter key to change the text. Alternatively, press esc key to leave the contents unchanged.

→ To turn on in-cell editing option, do this:

  1. Click the file tab and then click options. Excel options dialog box appears. In this dialog box, click on Advanced button on the left side. Excel options dialog box appears with Advanced properties.

  2. Click on the check box i.e. allow editing in cells under the editing options groups.

  3. Click OK to accept the settings you change.

→ To enter text in a cell, do this:

  1. Select the cell, type the text entry, and then enter the text by clicking the Enter button in the formula bar or by pressing Enter key.

  2. To enter numbers as text, type an apostrophe ( ` ) followed by the number – for example, 45000. Alternatively, place an equal sign in front of the numbers and enclose the number in quotation marks. For example, to enter the number 45000 as text, type= “45000”.

  3. Notice that in a cell with the general format, numbers entered as text will align on the left like text. When you enter a number as text, you can still use the number if it is needed in a numeric formula.

→ Deleting the cell, do this:

Select the value of cell and backspace or delete button.

UNIT 4 – Editing In a Workbook

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