Unit 7: Coping Excel Data

As you create a worksheet, you may find it necessary to copy or move information from one location to another. Excel makes copying or moving ranges of cells easy.

    • Copy a cell to another location.

    • Copy a cell to range of cells. The source cell is copied to every cell in the destination range.

    • Copy a range to another range. Both ranges must be a same size.

    • Move a range of cells to another location.

The primary difference between copying and moving a range is effect of the operation on the source range. When you copy a range, the source range is unaffected. When you move a range,
the contents are removed from the source range.

    1. Select the cell or range to copy, and copy it to clipboard. To move the range instead of copying it, cut the range instead of copying it.

    2. Move the cell pointer to the range that will hold the copy, and paste the clipboard contents.

Copy And Paste

Copying by using Ribbon Commands

Choosing Home → Clipboard → Copy transfers a copy of the selected range to the windows clipboard and the office clipboard. After performing the copy part of this operation, select the cell the cell that will hold the copy and choose home → Clipboard → Paste.

Instead of choosing Home → Clipboard → Paste, you can just activate the destination cell and press Enter. If you see this technique, Excel removes the copied information from the Clipboard so that it can’t be pasted again.

  • Ctrl + C copies the selected cells to both the Windows Clipboard and the office Clipboard.

  • Ctrl + X cuts the selected cells to both the Windows Clipboard and the office clipboard.

  • Ctrl + V pastes the Windows Clipboard contents to the selected cell or range.

Copying Or Moving Using Drag And Drop:

Excel also enables you to copy or move a cell or range by dragging. Unlike other methods of copying and moving, dragging and dropping does not place any information on either the Windows Clipboard or the office clipboard. To copy using drag-and-drop, select the cell or range that you want to copy and then press Ctrl and move the mouse to one of the selection’s borders. Then, drag the selection to its new location while you continue to press the Ctrl key. The original selection remains behind, and Excel makes a new copy when you release the mouse button. To move a range using drag-and-drop, don’t press Ctrl while dragging the border.

UNIT 7 – Coping EXCEL Data

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