Unit 28: Charting Techniques

Charts provide a visual way of seeing trends in the data in your worksheet. The charting feature in Excel is extremely flexible and powerful and allows you to create a wide range of charts from the worksheet data. But the beauty of charting process is that it is delightfully easy and simple – once you know how. The Charting Process – There’s no rocket science here – to create a new chart you simply select the data that you want to graph then, from the Insert tab of the Ribbon, choose the type of chart you want. As soon as you have clicked on the desired chart type a new chart will be embedded in the active worksheet.

Embedded Charts

Charts that appear within a worksheet are known as embedded charts. A chart is really an object that sits on top of the worksheet – unlike numbers and letters, charts are not actually placed into worksheet cells

Chart Sheets

If you want to keep your chart separate from the data you can move the chart to its own sheet. Chart sheets make it easier and more convenient to work with your chart because you’ll see more of it on the screen – since the data is not there!

Changing the Chart Type

Creating a chart is easy. But what if the results were not what you wanted? Do you have to go back and start again? No! It is really quite easy to alter the chart type – all you need to do is to understand what each chart type is designed for and to select the format that best suits your purpose. Just be aware that some chart types are designed for specialized applications.

Dragging a Chart

It’s unlikely that a chart embedded in the worksheet by Excel will be exactly where you would like it to be. You can easily relocate a chart to a more appropriate position by dragging the border of the chart to the desired location. The chart obviously must be selected before it can be dragged to a new position.

Resizing a Chart

There are two main ways to resize a chart if you are not happy with its current size. A chart can be resized by dragging one of the sizing handles around the border of a selected chart. These handles appear with dots in them. You can also resize a chart using the commands that appear in the Size group on the Format tab of the Ribbon that appears when the chart is selected.

UNIT 28 – Charting Techniques

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