Unit 11: Applying Borders

Border in a spreadsheet is a term that refers to lines placed around the edges of cells or ranges. Borders can be used to provide structure to a spreadsheet, to indicate where data should be entered or just for decoration. Borders are lines that are placed around the edges of individual cells or ranges. The lines may be thin, thick, solid, dashed, black or colored, or even double lines. The reason for using borders is that the lines can be used to group together data? or indicate totals, or to draw the user’s attention to critical cells that may need special data entry.

A Worksheet Without and With Borders – Borders can be used to apply a structure. Here’s the same worksheet shown without borders and then with borders applied. The use of borders helps to highlight the totals and separate them from the other data.

Border Variations – Borders can be applied to all four sides of a cell, or to individual sides of a cell. Individual cells can be formatted with their own borders. This allows you to draw attention to important cells in a worksheet that affect the totals, such as tax rates or percentage increases. By applying a border to a single cell, you help to guide the user to the data so that they can change it if necessary.

Applying A Border to A Range – This allows you to place an outline around them to indicate that the cells are somehow related to each other, or to place borders between cells to indicate that they are in separate groups. Borders can be used in ranges of cells to create a more form-like appearance. The borders available for single cells can also be applied to ranges.

Applying A Bottom Border – Bottom borders are applied across the bottom edge of the currently selected cells. Bottom borders are often used to mark the end of data, the presence of totals or can be used to underline headings as a form of graphical element. Bottom borders can be applied to single cells, ranges or several non-contiguous cells all at once.

Applying Top and Bottom Borders – One variation of borders is to apply top and bottom borders. This places a line across the top edge and the bottom edge of a cell or group of cells. If more than one row is selected, the borders will be placed along the top edge and the bottom edge of the range, not on the top and bottom edges of every cell in the range. Top and bottom borders are often used for totals.

Removing Borders – Not every border that you apply will look exactly the way you expect it to. Sometimes, if too many borders are used, they can make the spreadsheet difficult to read. In other circumstances you may find that you need to remove borders from existing worksheets created by other people. Borders can be removed by applying no borders.

UNIT 11 – Applying Borders

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